The Better Connections Program

The Better Connections Program is a national initiative helping contractors and employers provide migrant workers with access to ICT tools and training within their accommodation complexes. This is done through setting up fully-functioning ICT facilities equipped with refurbished hardware, tailored training content, and training support for volunteers; all of which is for free. This program enables transient laborers residing in Qatar to access the Internet and various ICT tools to engage in the ever-changing digital world.

The Ministry works with strategic partners to achieve this and to ensure the sustainability and continuation of the program. The program is unique due to its sustainable framework made possible by a group of committed partners, each responsible for delivering a major component.

The Ministry sources hardware donated from different ministries and organizations in Qatar. This hardware undergoes a refurbishment process under the supervision of Sheikh Thani Ibn Abdullah for Humanitarian Services (Raf) using licenses donated by Microsoft in Qatar.

The companies enroll in the program. Together with program volunteers, contractors identify the ICT needs of the migrant workers residing in their accommodation. Refurbished hardware is delivered to sites upon the setup of an appropriate space to house this hardware. We have prepared a detailed guideline for employers on how to set up this ICT Facility.

Training is delivered through a network of volunteers who enroll in the program. The training of volunteers is managed and conducted by our partners at Reach Out To Asia (ROTA).

One aspect of the training relies on the digital literacy training toolkits that are built by The Ministry, specifically tailored to meet the needs of migrant workers.

The monitoring and assessment is an on-going process that involves all project stakeholders, and is supported by our volunteers who provide reporting and visibility on project happenings on site.


More information about the Program is available in the comprehensive two-part packet: