Ministry Wraps up Workshop on Adobe Government Framework Agreement

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Ministry Wraps up Workshop on Adobe Government Framework Agreement

Doha – Qatar

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has wrapped up a workshop on Government Framework Agreement signed between the Government of Qatar, represented by MOTC, and computer software company Adobe, represented by its local agent here the Information and Communication Technology W.L.L (ICT).

The agreement aims to secure technology needs for government entities in order to further enhance efficiency and advance the digital transformation agenda across all government sectors.

The event was attended by representatives and specialists from multiple government entities.

Attendees were introduced to the particulars of the agreement, its scope and objectives, and what it provides to government entities. Experts from MOTC and Adobe, who addressed the attendees, covered topics such as Adobe licenses management, services, products, applications, project management and support and the dedicated resources.

They also talked about user training through the Qatar Digital Government Training Program (QDGTP), which is concerned with supporting the Qatar Digital Government 2020 (QDG2020) Strategy in terms of boosting and enhancing the digital transformation at government entities and institutions. QDGTP does that through specially-designed training courses that focus on upgrading and sharpening the technical capabilities of ICT employees countrywide.  

Speaking to government representatives, MOTC’s Assistant Undersecretary of Government Information Technology Sector Mr. Hassan Jassim Al-Sayed gave an overview of the agreement and the services it provides to subscribing government entities. He said Qatar was among the very first countries in the Middle East to have signed framework agreements with international technology companies, thus keeping up with the latest technologies.

“The area of interaction between the Government of Qatar on one hand and individuals and companies on the other hand, has been expanding. This means we are having an upward curve in terms of digital transformation via almost all channels,” said Mr. Al-Sayed.

“However, we don’t stop at the mere observing and monitoring of such a constrictive and growing interaction. Indeed, we work on boosting and enhancing it, aiming to take it to the highest levels. We prioritize that and toward that end we provide more government framework agreements with more international companies to help provide all the applications, products and services required for QDG2020.”

By so doing, he explained, “we assist the government entities in providing and innovating the processes and applications that help improve and enhance our online services.”

The workshop also featured a presentation conducted by QDGTP team on the program mission, objectives and milestones since it has been launched. QDGTP trains and qualifies more national leaders and professionals in the field of ICT and ICT executive management.

The event concluded with intensive, one-on-one sessions and discussions between Adobe and MOTC experts and government entity representatives.