About The Qatar Digital Government Training program

The Qatar Digital Government Training program (or the QDG Training) is a strategic initiative developed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications to boost the professional capacity of government IT employees with specialized and accredited training.

The QDG Training program aims to build information and communication technology capability in government to achieve improved service provision, efficiency and transparency in line with the Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy.

The QDG Training program leverages collaborations with various public and private partners; such as  Microsoft, SAP, IBM, CISCO, COMPTIA and others, who are internationally recognized as being the leaders in the information technology field, to provide first class training programs in a variety of IT disciplines; such as Database Management, IT Management & Governance, Software/ Application Development, Network management and more…

QDG Training also offers certification perpetration courses, and a certification re-imbursement processes to further encourage and support the IT professional in achieving their industry certifications.

Not only does the QDG Training offer internationally accredited courses and certifications, but also provides highly customized training curricula. Programs such as the “IT Talent” program, is a professional development program at the best practice level for IT fresh graduates, which aims to provide an intensive immersive learning experience for fresh graduates newly entering Government. Also, the “Executive CTO” program will be offered soon; a program that focuses on the development of executive IT professionals, offers them the opportunity to join an international peer group and work with world renowned faculty to gain the strategic insight, leadership skill and tools to shape the digital future.

QDG Training is continuously forging new and exciting programs with globally recognized institutions to further develop ITC professionals across the government sector in Qatar.

While  the official launch of the QDG Training program was in March of 2017, it is no secret that our journey started over a year ago … Since then it has provided over 3000 training seats and trained over 1600 IT professionals from 100 government and Semi-Government entities across our nation

We continue to improve and fine tune our services and aim to surpass our targets every year. For 2017 we aim to train another 1000 unique IT professionals and achieve a 250-industry certification target.

The Qatar Digital Government Training program, as an integral part of ministry of Transport and Communication’s QDG 2020 strategy will ensure Government’s readiness for the digital age.