TASMU Digital Valley

TASMU Digital Valley is a program developed by The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) to enhance the digital ecosystem in Qatar. The program is established as an innovation cluster where different sectors can come together to help achieve the vision of Smart Qatar.

Tasmu Digital Valley’s vision is to drive the information, communication and technology supply chain in Qatar and co-create an ecosystem of a digital hub in Qatar. This platform aims to facilitate the establishment of digital startups from ideation to commercialization, to foster digital investment within Qatar, and to become the window through which a digital Qatar is viewed to facilitate the long term growth and viability of the sector.

Our mission is to promote and grow an innovative and vibrant digital ecosystem, to enable the realization of a digital economy and a smart future. Tasmu Digital Valley aims to act as a platform that will bring digital industry players together, offer resources and support, and promote investments and the growth of the industry.

The Digital Valley Platform builds on existing progress and is driving towards sustainable economic growth in 4 key areas:

  • Orchestrate the local digital ecosystem effort in line with Tasmu Strategy.
  • Act as the supply engine for the Tasmu Program
  • Provide tangible services to the registered members of Tasmu Digital Valley
  • Advocate Qatar’s digital and innovation ecosystem regionally and globally

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