Adobe Photoshop (Basic & Intermediate)

Adobe Photoshop (Basic & Intermediate)


Understand the basics of using Adobe Photoshop tools, retouch and repair photos, select parts of the image to manipulate these parts, place them onto another layer or create a collage with them.

Use advanced selection techniques to select tough areas in a photo, manipulate images with Puppet Warp feature and make good use of RAW images in Camera Raw workspace.

Target audience

Photography enthusiasts, graphic designers, and photo retouch.

Course content

Getting to Know the Work Area

Basic Photo Corrections

Retouching and Repairing

Working with Selections

Layer Basics

Masks and Channels

Correcting and Enhancing Digital Photographs


Good computer skills

Certification info

Adobe Certified Associate – ACA

Must have 6 –12 months knowledge and experience in related Adobe application

Must attend at least Beginner and Intermediate levels courses

Needs to read Adobe Preparation Guide in order to know more about the ACA exam