Advanced Security Essentials - Enterprise Defender

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Course Description:

Course overview

This course will build on a solid foundation of core policies and practices to enable security teams defend their enterprise.
Target audience
- Incident response and penetration testers
- Security Operations Center engineers and analysts
- Network security professionals
- Anyone who seeks technical in-depth knowledge about implementing comprehensive security solutions
- How to build a comprehensive security program focused on preventing, detecting, and responding to attacks
- Core components of building a defensible network infrastructure and how to properly secure routers, switches, and network infrastructure
- Methods to detect advanced attacks of systems that are currently compromised
- Formal methods for performing a penetration test to find weaknesses in an organization's security apparatus
- Ways to respond to an incident and how to execute the six-step process of incident response: Preparation, Identification, Containment, Eradication, Recovery, and Lessons Learned
- Approaches to remediating malware and how to clean up a compromised system
Pre-requisites    ITIL foundation course
While not required, it is recommended that students take SEC401: Security Essentials or have the skills taught in that class. This includes a detailed understanding of networks, protocols, and operating systems