Certified IT Asset Manager

Certified IT Asset Manager

Course Description:

Course overview

The Certified IT Asset Manager  Course is aligned with the IAITAM Best Practices Library. Attendees will learn about the entire ITAM Program and take with them the foundation plan for starting or improving their organization’s ITAM Program.

Target audience

IT Asset Management Professionals


To review existing infrastructure, policies and processes and work from the existing model and plan a real-world IT Asset Management Program for the future – one that is applicable to the global workplace and inclusive of a widely dynamic range of issues as well as properly managing IT assets across the enterprise.
The primary purpose of this course is to educate ITAM professionals to manage IT assets while aligning with the organizational business drivers that promote ROI, reduces risk and increases productivity.
By attending this course the attendee will be able to understand and utilize the dependencies, relationships, and benefits of the Key Process Areas  found within an effective IT Asset Management Program; specify and define the duties and responsibilities necessary to be an effective IT Asset Manager


Experience in

Certification info

The CITAM Course is mandatory prior to CITAM exam.

Online certification testing is available for students starting the last day of class; from this point, the exam will be open for 28 days however it is suggested to take the exam as soon as possible following the course.

One hundred questions are on the IAITAM CITAM exam and a passing mark is achieved by attaining 85% or higher.