Course Description:

     Course overview 
EXIN Agile Scrum Master is a certification that looks to confirm both skills and knowledge of the Agile framework and Scrum methodology. Agile Scrum is about working together to successfully reach a goal. Agile methodologies are popular approaches in software development and are increasingly being used in other areas. Scrum practices include establishing cross-functional and self-managed teams, producing a working deliverable at the end of each iteration or Sprint. This certification focuses on adopting Agile or Scrum in the workplace and taking on the role of Scrum Master
Target audience
Professionals working in the areas of: Project Management; Software development; IT Service Management; and Business Management.
At the end of the course, you will have demonstrated an understanding of: 
⦁    Scrum terminologies and their applications 
⦁    Ready to facilitate daily scrums, user stories, sprint planning, and sprint reviews 
⦁    Capable of producing the different Scrum artifacts including the product backlog, sprint backlog, finished deliverables, and definition of done 
⦁    Equipped to implement distributed Scrum over teams spread across geographies 
⦁    Prepared for a Scrum Master role with any Scrum implementing organization 
⦁    Prepared to pass the EXIN Agile Scrum Master exam on your first attempt
Pre-requisites    Knowledge of Scrum terminology
Certification info    Successfully Completed an EXIN Accredited Agile Scrum Master Training
Exam duration: 90 minutes , Number of questions: 40 , Pass mark: 65% (26 out of 40) , Open book/notes: no