Foundations of Mobile Computing and IBM MobileFirst

Course Description:

     Course overview
In this course, you learn the fundamentals of mobile computing and the IBM MobileFirst strategy. The course explains the challenges of mobile development and how IBM mobile solution offerings address them. In particular, you learn about the IBM MobileFirst offerings, which have IBM Worklight at their core, and their value proposition. You also learn approaches that you can use for building mobile applications, the available technology and design options, and situations that are appropriate for each option.
Target audience
This basic course is designed for application developers, system administrators, and solution architects who want to create, manage, or deploy mobile applications in an enterprise environment.

⦁    Explain the challenges of mobile application development, management, and security
⦁    Describe the goal of IBM mobile solution offerings
⦁    Identify IBM Worklight as a key part of the mobile solutions strategy that IBM offers
⦁    Compare the advantages and disadvantages of various mobile application designs
⦁    Identify a mobile application design type that is suitable for your application
⦁    Describe some of the technologies that are involved in mobile computing
Pre-requisites    You should be familiar with Java, iOS, or web development, and have a good knowledge of the following web technologies:
⦁    HTML5
⦁    JavaScript
⦁    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 3
⦁    Web services
A basic knowledge of a mobile web UI framework, such as jQuery, Sencha, or Dojo is helpful.
Certification info    To prepare for the  Test C2010-522: IBM MobileFirst Protect V1 Fundamentals
Number of questions: 62  Time allowed in minutes: 90  Required passing score: 71%  Languages: English, Japanese