IBM Advanced Data Warehousing Workshop - Multi-Dimensional Modeling

IBM Advanced Data Warehousing Workshop - Multi-Dimensional Modeling

Course Description:

     Course overview
⦁    In this course, you will learn all about multi-dimensional modeling (MDDM). You will start by learning the basic MDDM concepts, terminology, and techniques including guidelines, heuristics and metric. In the second part of this workshop, you will cover a set of advanced modeling techniques which are representative of situations where the models have to be built for the large data warehouse or broad-scope data marts.
Target audience
⦁    This course is for Data warehouse modelers with a prime interest in dimensional modeling for OLAP data marts, database administrators, and data warehouse data administrators, business intelligence experts and information analysts with an interest in multi-dimensional data warehouse modeling, and project managers and technical professionals with an interest in MDDM and a good background knowledge of data modeling (E/R modeling for traditional OLTP databases).

⦁    Apply MDDM basic principles to defined business requirements
⦁    Produce dimensional models (Star- and Snowflake models) for non-trivial data warehouse modeling projects
⦁    Position MDDM with respect to ER modeling and to Temporal ER modeling in particular


⦁    A Have knowledge of the basics of data warehouse enablement and of OLAP information analysis in particular
⦁    Be familiar with data modeling for traditional (OLTP) database applications
⦁    Be familiar with relational database development and with relational database management systems in general
Certification info    To prepare for theTest C2090-625: IBM Cognos 10 BI Data Warehouse Developer. Number of questions: 84
Time allowed in minutes: 90,  Required passing score: 78%  Languages: English