ITIL Practitioner foundation

ITIL Practitioner foundation

Course overview

This highly practical course is designed to show students "how" to implement service improvements based around ITIL’s philosophy of ‘Adopt and Adapt’. It has a holistic syllabus and combines all 9 guiding principles of service improvement, the Service Improvement Approach, Communication, Metrics and Measurement, Communication, and Organizational Change Management with practical exercises and exam technique. The course acts as a full preparation for the ITIL practitioner examination which is sat at the end of the 3-day event.

Target audience

The course is aimed at: - Those engaged in IT development, IT operations and IT service management. Individuals wishing to have a detailed understanding of the principles of service improvement.


1-After completing the course, students are familiar with the following aspects of ITIL

2- Understand how to define services in terms of value, cost, outcomes, and risk

3- Using the guiding principles of service improvement

4- Anchoring programmes to the service improvement approach

5- Appreciate and act on organizational change principles

6- Be able to define and report using meaningful metrics

7- Plan effective communications for improvement

8 Be ready to sit the ITIL practitioner examination


ITIL Foundation V3 equivalent, V3 or 2011 is a mandatory, requirement

Certification info

The course leads up to the Axelos ITIL practitioner exam. Successfully passing (70%) the 1 hour 45 minute, open book examination, consisting of 40 case study based multiple-choice questions, leads to the ITIL practitioner certificate. This is worth 3 credits towards the ITIL expert award. This version of the course involves preparing and sitting the exam at the end of the class.