SAP Activate Methodology

SAP Activate Methodology

Course overview

This course is designed to give participants an introduction to the new innovation adoption framework SAP Activate. The course discusses the Methodology component of SAP Activate in detail, including key deliverables in the context of different project journeys for New Implementation in the cloud and on-premise, System Conversion, and Landscape Transformation.

Target audience

Program Managers
Project Managers
Team Leads
Application Consultants


Introduce SAP Activate innovation adoption framework
Discuss the key characteristics of SAP Activate methodology
Explain how users access the SAP Activate content in SAP Jam, Roadmap Viewer tool, and SAP Solution Manager
Describe SAP Solution Manager and how it relates to SAP Activate.
Explain how the SAP Activate methodology guides project teams:
Implementing cloud solutions
How the implementation approach differs from on-premise deployments
Implementing on-premise solutions
During System Conversion to S/4HANA.
During Landscape Transformation to S/4HANA.
Outline how the SAP Activate methodology compares to SAP Launch methodology and ASAP8.


Basic understanding of SAP Best Practice concepts
Basic understanding of SAP configuration concepts


S4H00 SAP S/4HANA Overview course
Project Management Experience
SM001e Introduction to SAP Solution Manager
PMP Certification from Project Management Institute (PMI)
Basic business application background
Basic business IT knowledge