SAP Lumira Designer Advanced

SAP Lumira Designer Advanced

Course overview

Creating geo maps


Using the result set in the script

Dynamic creation of components

Advanced application design techniques


understand basic concepts of geo maps, understand how to create GeoJSON files, build scripted interaction with maps

Understand the use case for composite components and use existing composites

Define and use composites and understand their features and functions

Iterate the result set in scripting

Create components and data sources within the script

Define property bindings in the script

Create generic applications

Use the new bookmarking concept to enable your end users to store different navigation states

Understand the commentary scenarios that SAP Lumira 2.1 covers and get to know the features and functions of commentary

Understand the scheduling options for .lumx files

understand basic performance implications

understand performance recommendations for application designers

understand the benefits and limitations of parallel processing

understand performance recommendations for administrators

Target audience

This course is intended for the following audiences:

Application Consultant

Development Consultant

Technology Consultant

Business Analyst

Project team members