Cyber Security

As cyber threats across the world evolve at a fast pace, protecting Qatar’s critical ICT infrastructure and systems has become a top priority for the Ministry of Transport and Communications. With the great rewards that cyberspace offers, come new risks to the very infrastructure that underpins our ability to use the Internet safely and securely.

To address those challenges, Qatar is ramping up its cyber security efforts as well as working with counterparts across the globe to ensure an open and secure cyberspace. To accomplish this, the Ministry (formerly known as the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology) formed the Qatar Computer Emergency Response Team (Q-CERT) in 2005, as a partnership with Carnegie Melon University.

The Cyber Security Division works, through its two departments, Q-CERT and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP), with government agencies, private and public sector organizations and Qatar’s citizens to ensure that online threats are monitored and risks are contained. The Division aims to protect sensitive information and ensure safety on the Internet.

Since information security issues are not limited by national boundaries, Cyber Security Division is a member of FIRST, the global forum of incident response and security teams. FIRST fosters regional ties between security teams and partners around the world in order to share up-to-date information about threats and vulnerabilities. The Division is also a member of the international Meridian Process for critical information infrastructure protection issues.