With critical sectors, including but not limited to finance and energy, increasing adoption of Internet and state-of-the-art ICT solutions to deliver high-quality, efficient, and effective services to their customers; cyberspace has become a dynamic and integral part of our society. However, cyberspace, with its unlimited borders, provides those who would do harm with opportunities to interfere with individuals and businesses. Therefore, keeping our networks and our people safe became one of the greatest global challenges facing all nations.

In support of Qatar’s efforts to address current and emerging threats and risks, and in light of the strategic thrusts of Qatar’s National ICT Plan 2015 to protect the national critical information infrastructure and to provide a safe and secure online environment for the different sectors; the Qatar National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS) was developed by the National Cyber Security Committee (NCSC). The NCSC was established under Prime Minister’s Decision No. (18) of 2013 to provide a governance structure for collaboratively addressing cyber security at the highest levels of its government.

To view the full text of the National Cyber Security Strategy, please visit this link.