Target Groups

Putting People First

The Ministry of Transport and Communications Technology (MOTC) has carefully identified target groups of people who are yet to gain awareness of ICT and Internet benefits. As a result of consultation with their external stakeholder advisory group, comprising community organizations, employers, Ministries, and NGOs, MOTC has prioritized six key target groups for inclusion within their work programs under the Digital Inclusion Strategy. They range from those at risk of exclusion due to old age, special needs or disablement; through to low-skilled migrant labor with limited Internet access.

  • Women: non-working Qatari women and women with low ICT skills
  • Young people: School leavers/students who did not progress to higher education/young people with low ICT skills
  • People with special needs
  • Qataris in small communities
  • Low-skilled migrant workers: low-skilled, low-paid laborers/domestic and service staff
  • Elderly/retired: focus on housebound elderly Qataris

MOTC’s aims for each user group

To make a real difference, MOTC prioritizes its work and focus on particular groups. These are people who would certainly be left behind in reaping the benefits of ICT. By collaborating with stakeholders, MOTC has identified target group segmentation that falls into three categories: people not online; limited online users; and developing online users.

Not online: MOTC aims to enable this group to become basic users of computers, Internet services and ICT-based tools and innovation (e.g. digital cameras, tablets). They will be able to connect to, browse and navigate the Internet and understand the value in the ICT tools available to them.

Limited online users: This group includes people who have some access to devices and use the Internet in a limited way. MOTC proposes to make this group effective users of the Internet, online services and ICT tools. The skills and support they’ll receive will enable them to further their personal development; languages, knowledge of a specialist subject, and apply techniques that allow them to be a safe and secure Internet user.

Developing online users: For those who can use the Internet yet lack sophisticated skills in analyzing, critiquing and sharing information, MOTC aims to enable them to become effective and empowered users of the Internet and ICT-based tools and innovation. These users will then be able to use a range of devices from mobiles to tablets to access the Internet and teach others how to make the most of the equipment and ICT tools and equipment available to them.