Cyber Safety Awareness

For youth, the internet offers an entertaining and informative escape. But too often they forget that the online world has the same risks as the real one. For a number of years now the Ministry of Transport and Communications (formerly known as the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology) has been raising awareness among youth and parents in Qatar about online safety through a series of ad campaigns. Our current campaign spot aims at raising awareness of the problem of cyber bullying and encourages better communication between parents and teachers and children to combat cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is affecting our children’s lives at an age when they are particularly vulnerable to social pressures, yet a lot of parents and teachers are not aware that this is happening. Done through the Internet and wireless devices, cyber bullying takes many forms including the sending of inappropriate photographs, spreading rumors and gossip, or making anonymous threats. Even though the bullying happens in a digital form, the impact is often just as painful as physical bullying. This video shares some basic ways cyber bullying can be addressed, whether children are harassed via mobile phones, online social networks, blogs or email.

MOTC encourages youth to take advantage of everything available through the Internet - and to have fun - but to remember that they should treat their online communications responsibly.

Watch the Campaign's TV Commercial:

MOTC’s previous campaign focused on online privacy issues and advocated that, "On the internet, your privacy is your responsibility!"

In the real world, you wouldn't share your photos with strangers, so why would you online? Likewise, you wouldn't freely share personal information such as your location in the real world, so why do it online?


Watch the Campaign's TV Commercial:


“Keep Them Safe, Keep Them Curious” campaign encouraged Qatar’s parents and educators to be involved in their children's online safety and to give some basic tips for how to help be more cyber smart.

The internet can literally bring the world to your fingertips, but this powerful resource also brings with it some inherent risks. How can children, with their natural wonderment and curiosity, best experience these benefits safely?

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