Basic ICT and Internet Skills

Ministry Curriculum

The curriculum was developed by the Ministry for learners in Qatar, in English and Arabic. It has been contextualized for Qatar and the topics are derived from research undertaken with the target users, community organizations and employers. The content is intended to be fun and interactive with a focus on practicing skills, linked to the learner’s own interests. It includes a Trainer’s Guide for ICT Champions and training organizations to complement the content.

The content is available online in this Toolkit and on a mobile App  for use on mobile devices. Please note that the modules are not meant to represent a particular mobile device. Some of the steps in the learning objects may be different on your own phone or appear on different screens. You should practice with your own device after the tutorial.

You can access the modules separately in Word or Pdf versions. These can be customized to suit a particular group, or you can access a single file containing all ten modules. The bespoke course is also accompanied by ten interactive learning objects. These are intended to be a fun and interactive way to support the learning in each module.

Intel Easy Steps program

Intel Easy Steps Program is a generic course, designed for face-to-face delivery, that can be easily modified to suit a group.  Modules 1 to 5 cover basic ICT and Internet skills.  Modules 6 to 12 address the use of computers in setting up a business, and are useful for entrepreneurs.  It is available in several different languages, including Arabic and English. The Ministry has developed a localized version of the Arabic course for Qatar.

Intel Learn Easy Steps Activity Cards show you how to create a useful product or complete a specific task. These can be downloaded from the website. The Help guide can also be downloaded from the website.

The localized content is available too.

Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum

Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum is a basic ICT and Internet Skills Curriculum, available on and offline, in a variety of community languages. It can be delivered as a face-to-face training program or as self-learning.

Once on the homepage, you can select your chosen language and the versions and levels available to you in that language will be displayed. Your options are: to download a Word version, to download the e-learning or to do the e-learning online. The curriculum is regularly updated by Microsoft to reflect changing trends and requirements.