The ‎ Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) is the Communications Regulator in the state of Qatar established by virtue of Emiri Decree (42) in 2014. The CRA regulates the Telecommunications and Information Technology sector, postal services, access to digital media and spectrum. The CRA encourages and supports an open and competitive Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector that provides advanced, innovative, and reliable communications services. Balancing the rights of consumers with the needs of service providers is at the heart of everything the CRA does.

Consultation on Qatar Telecom Q. S. C. Tariffs for the Provision of Specific Corporate Services

Sunday, March 30, 2008

ictQATAR issued two licenses to Qatar Telecom (Q-TEL) Q.S.C. for the provision of public mobile and fixed telecommunications networks and services in October 2007. These licenses require that Q-TEL file all of its tariffs for telecommunications products and services with ictQATAR that were in effect on the 7th of October 2007.  ictQATAR is currently in the process of reviewing the filed tariffs in so far as they relate to Q-TEL’s provision of corporate telecommunications products and services. To assist us with this review process, we are seeking views and related information from the public regarding Q-TEL corporate tariffs related to specific products and services, including prices, contract periods, technical conditions, service level agreements as well as other terms and conditions related to these tariffs.  The specific Q-TEL tariffs for which ictQatar seeks information from the public include those relating to Q-TEL’s provision of Corporate Private Line Services, Corporate IP Services, Corporate Internet Services, VSAT Services and  Corporate International Services. The purpose of this public consultation is to ensure that all stakeholders with an interest in the terms and conditions of the Q-TEL corporate products and services listed above have an opportunity to participate in ictQATAR’s tariff review process.