The ‎ Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) is the Communications Regulator in the state of Qatar established by virtue of Emiri Decree (42) in 2014. The CRA regulates the Telecommunications and Information Technology sector, postal services, access to digital media and spectrum. The CRA encourages and supports an open and competitive Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector that provides advanced, innovative, and reliable communications services. Balancing the rights of consumers with the needs of service providers is at the heart of everything the CRA does.

Decision to Qtel Virgin Mobile Branded Services

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This document outlines the details of ictQATAR’s decision of December 13, 2010 on Qtel’s request to modify ictQATAR’s Orders concerning Virgin Mobile branded services.

After Qtel’s introduction of “Virgin Mobile” branded services in Qatar on 13 May 2010, ictQATAR issued Orders and Instructions to Qtel regarding compliance with the Telecommunications Law 34 of 2006, Executive By Law 1 of 2009, and Qtel’s Licences to provide telecommunications services to the public. The Orders and Instructions required changes to marketing conduct by Qtel and advertising materials that appeared to represent Virgin Mobile as a separate and new telecommunications service provider in Qatar.

On November 11, 2010 Qtel requested modification of the Decision and Underlying Instructions of July 22, 2010. After due consideration of Qtel’s request and further investigation by ictQATAR, the request was denied.  ictQATAR will continue to ensure  compliance by Qtel in respect of representations made to the public. It is Qtel’s responsibility to comply with the law. A Decision and Orders to that effect were issued on December 13, 2010. This Decision cautions again that ictQATAR will treat further non-compliance very seriously.