The ‎ Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) is the Communications Regulator in the state of Qatar established by virtue of Emiri Decree (42) in 2014. The CRA regulates the Telecommunications and Information Technology sector, postal services, access to digital media and spectrum. The CRA encourages and supports an open and competitive Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector that provides advanced, innovative, and reliable communications services. Balancing the rights of consumers with the needs of service providers is at the heart of everything the CRA does.

Guidelines for Temporary Radio Spectrum Licenses

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Temporary radio licensing regime becomes applicable in the following cases:

a)     special events:

The following types of events may take place within Qatar for which the event organizers may require access to radio spectrum on temporary basis:

                     i.            Large-scale events.  This will typically require significant use of radio spectrum for broadcast coverage, surveillance, managing spectators, security, sound relay etc.  Examples are national day, Tour of Doha, major tennis tournaments and the 2011 Pan-Arab Games.  Such large scale events are normally planned well in advance and organisers are advised to contact ictQATAR as early as possible during the planning stage and preferably not less than 6 months in advance of the event so it is possible to undertake an assessment of the likely spectrum requirements. 

                   ii.            Nationwide / Regional events.  It is likely that there will be less spectrum available and it may be necessary to undertake cross-border co-ordination so ictQATAR should be contacted as soon as possible to allow suitable channels to be identified.

                  iii.            Frequent events.  In the case of frequent events such as those held at a football stadium, concert location or camel racing venue, frequencies are allocated temporarily by ictQATAR and the same frequencies may be retained for future events wherever practical.  However, there is no guarantee that the same frequencies will be made available.  

In such circumstances, the respective radio spectrum license categories will be available with the following variations:

                     i.            The license validity Period, which will be as per the duration of the event

                   ii.            The following condition will be added in the license template:

“there is no guarantee that the license will be renewed or assigned spectrum will be re-assigned after the license expiry.”

b)    Unavailability of particular license category

Since wireless technologies are evolving all the time there may be instances where spectrum is required for a new type of radio communication system.  In such instances, the requirements will be assessed by ictQATAR on case-by-case basis and a temporary license along-with the respective terms and conditions will be issued until a proper licensing regime is developed by ictQATAR.