Internet Infrastructure Security Guidelines

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Cyber Security

The role of the Internet, in supporting the economy and in delivering information, education and entertainment are well understood and acknowledged. In light of the steady increase in sophisticated computer attacks on the internet infrastructures worldwide and in order to maintain the quality of this vital service, it is the responsibility of the government, and service providers to agree upon the baselines that ensure the Internet within the State of Qatar remain safe, secure and resilient.

The aim of the Internet Infrastructure Security Guidelines is to provide recommendations and promote baseline principles and controls to ensure that Internet infrastructure provisioning within Qatar meets the requirements of the community at large and service providers have clear guidelines on what is expected of them. The basic principle governing these guidelines is to develop provisions that should lay the foundation and promote a resilient, safe and secure internet infrastructure and service.

These Guidelines should apply to all –

  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs) licensed to operate within the State of Qatar;
  • Hosting Service Providers (Providers) operating within the State of Qatar;
  • Sections of ictQATAR performing an operational Internet infrastructure related role such as ccTLDs.

Internet infrastructure security is a domain of paramount importance and magnitude, the guidelines and recommendations in this document only address areas that are most relevant and specific to our current needs.