Media, Culture and Heritage National Digitization Plan – Consultation Document

Monday, January 13, 2014
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The document on this page is a draft of the National Digitization Plan, as outlined in Qatar's National ICT Plan 2015. The plan is a key initiative towards the preservation of Qatar’s culture, traditions and heritage as identified in both the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the Qatar National Development Strategy (2011-2016).  

As part of the Digital Content Program, the plan aims to provide incentives for the development of a vibrant digital ecosystem through which future generations can tap into their past and create new expressions of Qatari culture on the global stage.  Ministry of Information and Communications Technology is central to this endeavor because it is mandated with setting the rules that govern this digital frontier through its policies, laws and guidelines.

The Plan outlines a de-centralized and cooperative model that lays the groundwork for successful digitization initiatives in Qatar.  Central to that national effort is a National Digitization Model that plays to the strategic competencies of national MCH institutions in Qatar.

We would like to invite all interested institutions and individuals to submit comments on the Plan.

The closing date for submission of comments is March 9, 2014. Comments should be submitted by email to by the closing date.