Op-ed World Telecom Day 2009: Protecting Qatar's Children in Cyber-Space

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The 2009 theme for the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day addresses the issue of Protecting Children in Cyber Space. In her editorial, Dr. Hessa wrote that while the Internet offers remarkable benefits to both adults and children, there are plenty of dangers on the Internet. Protecting children on the Internet is both an individual and a community responsibility. ictQATAR continues to work with the Supreme Education Council through the Qatar Computer Emergency Response Team (Q-CERT) to promote security awareness and protect children in cyberspace, and will be an active participant as the ITU develops a Child Online Protection initiative to tackle cyber security legally, technically and organizationally. Dr. Hessa writes that the government alone cannot keep children secure and calls on everyone who cares about young people to play in role in keeping children safe online.