"The Promise of e" Brochure

Sunday, December 30, 2007

E: It's the 21st century shorthand for the promise of information and communication technology and has come to mean boundless opportunities for economic development, enriched lives, equitable access, and citizen engagement.

In Qatar, the promise of 'e' is being realized by ictQATAR. With roles ranging from regulator and consumer advocate to government IT modernizer, ictQATAR is a driving force for innovation and inclusiveness – creating a truly networked nation linking everyone who lives and works in Qatar to people, organizations, business and ideas around the globe.
"The Promise of e" is ictQATAR's ambitious plan to add the seamless integration of ICT into every aspect of daily life. This brochure on “The Promise of e” gives details on the Telecoms liberalization, cyber security, e-health, e-governance and e-learning programs of ictQATAR.