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اكتشف، ابدع، طبّق

TumuhaTEC delivered three day long workshops this month (June 2012). Different groups of high school students attended exclusive training events at ictQATAR.

During Qatar Career Fair 2012, TumuhaTEC offered 15 minute workshops to visiting students in various emerging ICT trends such as mobile application development, game development, graphic design, etc. More than 350 students were trained, and more than 1000 visitors registered their interest in attending similar workshops in the future.

Last week 36 students from across Qatar’s schools attended one of TumuhaTEC’s Graphic Design, Programming or Social Media Training workshops. Each workshop was led by TumuhaTEC’s ICT professional role models. They were Graphic Designer and  Entrepreneur Razan Suleiman, Ammar Mohammed a prominent certified trainer and social media specialist as well as Qatar University student, Nazar Salim – who delivered one of the most popular workshops at Qatar Career Fair 2012. Students received official certificates of completion after going through exams at the end of the workshops to guarantee their understanding and gained knowledge.

The workshops were organized in partnership with Mada (Qatar Assistive Technology Center) and Q-CERT (Qatar Cyber Emergency Response Team), using their facilities in order to give students the chance to see inside and experience a live ICT corporate environment. Many students were excited and enthusiastic about the hands-on experience and rich information presented during the workshops. “TumuhaTEC’s workshops gave me a clear understanding of what ICT is and how it’s used in every business. Because of this, I have decided to pursue a career in graphic design instead of Fine Arts and literature,” said a student from Al Shaymma School for Girls.

TumuhaTEC plans to announce future workshops on a quarterly basis. These will include workshops on Cartoon Animation, Mobile Apps, Gaming, Multimedia, etc. 

Interested to learn about TumuhaTEC’s upcoming future workshops? Keep checking our website for news and events.