CRA begins push for Qatari domain names

Sunday, December 11, 2016
CRA begins push for Qatari domain names


The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has initiated a drive to encourage the uptake of Qatari domain names by local businesses and individuals to increase their web presence.
As part of the drive, CRA has invited local web solution providers to sign up as accredited domain name registrars with the authority’s Qatar Domains Registry (QDR).
In a press statement yesterday, CRA said QDR has “invested significant time and resources” in identifying and accrediting registrars with strong potential in increasing local and global adoption of the “.qa and .” domains. Accredited registrars represent QDR to offer short, memorable and uniquely Qatari domain extensions to customers, and to manage the registration process following international standards set by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.
Although accreditation by QDR allows any registrar to have direct access to the registry database, only Qatar-based registrars are able to register second-level “.qa” addresses, such as “” – reserved for companies registered in Qatar, “” – reserved for IT-related companies registered in Qatar, and “” – reserved for Qatari citizens and residents.
These second-level “.qa” domains account for more than 50% of total domains registered locally.
The business potential of being an accredited registrar based in Qatar is far more significant as indicated by the fact that only the Qatar-based registrars, including some SMEs, are allowed special rights of distribution of these zone domain extensions, CRA has stressed.
Moreover, the renewal rate of domains under second-level is higher than the ones under “.qa”, allowing for a more stable and sustainable annual recurring revenue stream. “QDR has an efficient and capable team of experienced professionals that are available to help registrars setup, manage and profit from this exclusive opportunity,” the
statement notes.
The process to sign up for the registrar accreditation comprises the following steps: submit a completed application form and the necessary documentation, complete a questionnaire and technical test, and pay the required fees.
The process is available on the QDR website at Interested companies may also contact QDR at