Educators Trained in Programming Skills at “Digital Society Development” Workshops

Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Programming Workshops

Some 49 math, science and IT male and female educators from selected independent and international schools have been trained in programming basics and skills at two separate workshops organized last week by The Ministry of Transport and Communications’ Digital Society Development Department, in collaboration with Oracle Academy.

Held at the Community College of Qatar within a pilot project that will be applied at a larger scale after testing the results, the workshops introduced educators to basics and skills of two popular programming software; Alice and Greenfoot.

The workshops are part of the Ministry’s ongoing efforts to reach out to all segments of society in Qatar to sharpen their digital skills.

Learning how to code is certainly of a great benefit for both educators and students. It not only represents a great addition to educators’ personal and professional skills inside classrooms, but also helps students develop a positive attitude towards programming and computer science, in general.

Alice is a freeware object-based educational programming language with an integrated development environment (IDE). It uses a drag and drop environment to create computer animations using 3D models. It suits users who have little to no programming experience.

Greenfoot teaches object orientation with Java. Its users can create actors that live in worlds to build games, simulations, and other graphical programs. Greenfoot is visual and interactive that goes well with those who have some programming background. Visualization and interaction tools are built into the environment. The software provides a combination of programming experience in a traditional text-based language with visual execution.