Hukoomi New e-Government Portal

Hukoomi New e-Government Portal

Doha, Qatar; 5 February 2008: Today Qatar took an important step toward a streamlined, state-of-the-art government by launching a new e-government portal.

The user-friendly portal, called Hukoomi, allows citizens, residents, businesses and visitors to easily access government information and services any time, day or night. Hukoomi, at, is home to all current online e-government services, new commercial registration services, and detailed information on government entities, including ministries, councils and authorities. In total, there nearly 275 services, including 56 e-services.

Dr. Hessa"Hukoomi brings government closer to the people it serves while demonstrating Qatar's commitment to building a modern and responsive government," said Dr. Hessa Sultan al Jaber, Secretary General of ictQATAR. "Hukoomi is an illustration of how ictQATAR is fulfilling the promise of e for those that live and work in Qatar, connecting people to the technologies that enrich their lives."

At Hukoomi's central online location, users will find a variety of services and information relevant to them. Easily navigated "quick links" take users directly to commonly used destinations, such as electricity and water bill pay, health card application, resident permits and "explore Qatar." Portal users can also use the "" feature on the website to quickly find pertinent information and services. Some other examples of features users will find on Hukoomi are:

  • Citizens and Residents can do everything from paying traffic fees to finding valuable emergency numbers and information on police and fire safety. There is abundant information on employment opportunities within the country, schools and the education system, transportation options and property ownership/management. Also, citizens and residents can find ways to spend their free time by accessing cultural information and services, including sporting event calendars.
  • Businesses will benefit from the new e-services allowing them to register in Qatar, but will also have access to information and services on work visas, and business operating laws.
  • Visitors will find all the information needed when planning a trip to Qatar, from the logistical, such as tourist visas and accommodations, to the more exciting, such as cultural events, shopping information and adventure sports. There is also a special "Ask a Qatari" feature for visitors that will allow them to find the recommendations of locals on what to do in Qatar, as well as learn about societal norms and customs.

"Hukoomi is a one-stop shop for a wide-variety of government information and services, with even more content and services being added over time," said Yousef Al-Naama, ictQATAR's integrated e-Government Program (i-Gov) Manager.

Hukoomi, a government-wide effort coordinated by ictQATAR, builds on the previous e-government achievements. Forty-eight government entities were involved in the development of Hukoomi.

"This new online government portal is a great example of what can be accomplished when all government entities work together," said Lt. Colonel Abdulla Al-Muftah, Public Relations Director at the Ministry of Interior. "Hukoomi will align the many e-services offered by the Ministry of Interior, such as Visa applications and traffic fees, with the many offerings and information provided by Qatar's other ministries and councils."

Hukoomi's new commercial registration services will allow citizens to register new businesses and manage existing commercial registration processes online. Over the next few years, new diverse exciting services and information will be added to Hukoomi.

"The new e-registration services available on Hukoomi will help Qatar's government better serve businesses and allow for continued growth and development in the country," said Abdulla Al-Nuaimi, IT Manager at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. "It is exciting to think of the possibilities Hukoomi creates for the future."

Prior to the launch, ictQATAR reached out to its stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition to Hukoomi. Training sessions for current e-government users were conducted, along with a special session for health centers. All 62,000 registered users from the previous e-government website were individually notified of Hukkomi's launch and provided with new registration information for the portal. Also, special phone briefings for frequent users were made available and a state-of-the art call center was established to answer user questions about Hukoomi.

Officials at the launch also unveiled the online Hukoomi portal design, which to reflects Qatar's unique traditions, culture and history. The name Hukoomi stands for a more open, transparent government that listens and responds to needs of its constituents.

Hukoomi is part of a long-term modernization effort by Qatar's government. It is a major initiative of ictQATAR's i-Gov program, which was launched in early 2007. The i-Gov program supports the country's modernization efforts by increasing the availability, accessibility, and effectiveness of e-services; enabling an integrated and efficient government through use of ICT; and improving government transparency.

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