Ministry Launches Qatar National Cryptographic Standard

Thursday, October 31, 2019
Ministry Launches Qatar National Cryptographic Standard

Doha – Qatar

The Ministry of Transport and Communications today launched the Qatar National Cryptographic Standard, which sets lawful and technical basis for using cryptography in the State of Qatar.

MOTC has already made major progress in the development of the Standard and upgrading it continually in line with latest universal techniques, criteria and practices and according to the Qatar National Cryptographic Policy.

The Standard aims, amongst with other goals, to provide recommendations for the safe use of cryptography across all entities and proposes algorithms and parameters suitable for defined periods.

Therefore, this Standard defines the specifications of existing cryptographic mechanisms, which are still considered safe at the time of applying the standard.

This Standard is intended for all organizations in Qatar and others that are responsible for providing and using cryptographic services to meet identified security requirements and also covers cryptographic methods; symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic schemes, Hash functions, signature algorithms and cryptographic protocols.

The main goal of this Standard is providing these organizations with sufficient information to allow them to take decisions about the cryptographic methods that will meet their specific needs to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data that is transmitted and/or stored in a system or network, as well as to obtain assurance of its authenticity.