MOTC celebrates National Sports Day with major transport and communications organizations

Tuesday, February 12, 2019
MOTC celebrates National Sports Day with major transport and communications organizations

Doha – Qatar

The Ministry of Transport and Communications today marked National Sports Day 2019 with a vast range of sporting and recreational activities for employees and their families at Aspire Zone.
 In this year’s celebrations, the Ministry was joined by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), Mowasalat (Karwa), Mwani Qatar, Qatar Aeronautical College, Hamad Port, QNBN (Qatar National Broad Network Co), Qatar Rail, and QTerminals.

Speaking at the event, HE Minister of Transport and Communications Jassim Saif Ahmed Al Sulaiti said; “Qatar National Sports Day reflects the vision of our wise leadership for building individuals and society. Its key message is that sport should be a significant part of the culture and lifestyle of individuals and society and an important way of investing in human capital."

He said the Ministry is always eager to participate in the NSD along with all entities in the transportation and ICT sectors to raise awareness of the importance of sport and its great impact on the rise and progress of communities, as well as encouraging people to keep fit and follow a healthy lifestyle.

The Ministry’s participation in NSD, he noted, translates a vision of partnership with various entities across the country to promote the sport to develop healthy individuals capable of contributing to the progress and the achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030.

Activities began in the early morning with warmups, walking, jogging and some exercises for women. The program then featured recreational and sporting activities such as track events, football and tug-of-war competitions for adults and children, which collectively made a great day for all participants.

“The National Sports Day in Qatar comes as an essential part of the human development pillar of Qatar National Vision 2030 by increasing the community's awareness of the importance of sport and motivating citizens to adopt a healthy lifestyle to create a healthy generation capable of building a better future." said His Excellency Mohammed Ali Al-Mannai, President of CRA.

For his part, HE Mr. Abdulla bin Nasser Al-Subaey, President of the Civil Aviation Authority, said that the inspiring initiative created by His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar, under Emiri Decree No. 80 of 2011, clearly reflects the state's interest in spreading the culture of sport as a lifestyle, pointing out that Qatar considers the sports sector as one of the most significant in the state.

The President of the Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that the adoption of the Sports Day is part of the state’s investment in the sports sector, in qualifying various sports teams, infrastructure and the establishment of the concept of sports as a culture of the community. This investment has translated into achievements, benefits and the fantastic victory we all recently witnessed in which the Qatar national football team won the 2019 AFC Asian Cup.

Al-Subaey concluded by emphasizing the prominent role of sports in strengthening social ties within the work environment by organizing a number of sports activities that create communication between employees of different agencies and institutions, resulting in increased productivity and ensuring prosperity and development.

The event saw wide participation from staff members and their families from the transportation and telecommunication sectors, led by senior officials, and bringing everyone together to cement bonds of friendship, in addition to the good-natured sporting competition.

His Excellency Sheikh Jaber bin Hamad bin Mohammed Al Jabr Al Thani, Director General of Qatar Aeronautical College said: “Our celebration of the Sports Day of our beloved country and our passion for sport in all its forms, is clear evidence of advanced civilized thinking. It is both an insight and a pioneering step, based on an investment in the Qatari citizen to build a sound society with Qatari hands capable of giving and working.”

He added: “Qatar's prestigious celebration of Sports Day annually places Qatar in the ranks of the developed countries that care about the health of the individual and the development of a sports culture so that the next generation will embrace the concept from an early age.”

The celebration of Sports Day aims to entrench the practice of sport for all staff and students in the college, and to build bridges of good relations among co-workers.”

He added: “ I am delighted and proud that sport in Qatar has become part of the national duty to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030, which was established by His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the country “ 

Mr. Nasser bin Mohammed Al Malki, Chairman of Mowasalat (Karwa), said; "Physical activities and healthy nutrition are the cornerstones of healthy life. In addition, as per the teachings of Islam through the Hadith of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) "teach your children archery, swimming, and horseback riding;” it is proof of the importance of physical activities especially for the young. It is also a great incentive for the employees of any company, especially Mowasalat."

Mr. Al Malki added, "The drivers of Mowasalat (Karwa) are the interface through which the company builds bridges of communication with customers. They are under constant pressure while driving in different traffic conditions, alongside their presence and work away from their families and homes. Therefore, we are keen to provide a working environment that enables them to maintain their fitness and health, and to serve as constant motivation.”

He also pointed out that QNSD is one of the most important events through which thousands of Mowasalat employees participate with enthusiasm and joy to showcase their physical and intellectual skills. He stressed the company's concern to prepare employees for various events through which the company fulfills its social responsibility to support sustainable development in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.

Mwani Qatar’s CEO Capt. Abdulla Al-Khanji underlined the importance of the message of the National Sports Day and the values it calls for by spreading the culture of sport to build a healthier and fitter society capable of facing challenges. “Mwani Qatar’s participation in the National Sports Day activities of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and all transport stakeholders reflects our keenness to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees and their families. We are seeking to transform sport into a daily habit for our employees. We believe in the importance of sport and its role in enhancing productivity and intellectual development, as well as its role in strengthening ties and sustaining the momentum of employee relations,” he said.

Dr. Eng. Ahmed Salman Al-Sulaiti – QNBN’s CEO (Qatar National Broad Network Co.) said: "Allocating a Sports Day by our wise government embodies its supreme vision in caring for the  health of our society through enhancing the importance of sport and its values which reflects positively on the individual's well-being and this is in line with Qatar Vision 2030.“

The success of this idea, which Qatar was the first country in the world implement, has proven the huge and increasing interaction year by year to celebrate this day through various activities and events that are provided by ministries, corporations and companies to both nationals and residents.”   

Eng. Jassim Mohammed Al Shirawi, Executive Director of Hamad Port Project, stated that: "The remarkable increase we are witnessing every year in the number of participants in the National Sports Day activities is a remarkable proof of the successful policies adopted by our government in achieving the objectives of this event, which stems from the State’s interest in enhancing the wellbeing of both citizens and residents, and encouraging them to lead a healthy and positive lifestyle all year round.

“The State has established various sports facilities and many public picnic parks, which have experienced an increase in the number of visitors of different ages and from all walks of life, year after year.  This confirms that the State has accomplished its mission in spreading awareness about the benefits of physical activities, changing people’s lifestyles for the better, and ensuring that the National Sports Day is not just a one-day festival, but lasts throughout the year,” he noted.

Al-Shirawi added: “Hamad Port Project is keen to participate in these activities to confirm our determination to continue practicing a healthy lifestyle, supporting the efforts towards achieving our leadership’s vision and in spreading sport awareness among all our employees and their families, thereby contributing to realizing the state’s future aspiration to enlighten minds and promote healthy, strong physical capabilities.”

Mr. Neville Bissett, CEO of Q-Terminals, said; "We are proud to be part of the National Sports Day and support Qatar National Vision 2030. By organizing this exciting day full of entertaining activities for our employees, we encourage them and all members of the community to follow healthy habits and style as well as help to promote a healthy, vibrant and energetic lifestyle in Qatar.

"Showing a sense of pride and belonging to this country is one of the core values of our company, and we demonstrate this pride and belonging through our contribution to realizing its national vision," he added.

Mr. Khalifa Hassan Al Jehani, Chief of Corporate Support at Qatar Rail stated: "Our participation in the Qatar Sports Day stems from our belief in its importance. Physical activity significantly contributes to reducing the pressures of the day to day work life and helps in achieving physical and psychological balance, which in turn reflects positively on productivity and contributes to enhancing work performance. At Qatar Rail, we run regular sports tournaments for the staff as we strongly believe that QNSD message should be embraced all year round"

Participants hailed the day as a great success, well organized and rich with activities and events that inspired participation, communication, and friendship.