Transport Engineering Conf. & Exhibition in April under MOTC Sponsorship

Tuesday, January 12, 2021
Transport Engineering Conf. & Exhibition in April under MOTC Sponsorship


The Ministry of Transport and Communications yesterday hosted a press conference to announce that the Transport Engineering Conference & Exhibition will be organized by the Qatar Society of Engineers under the sponsorship of MOTC in cooperation with Expo Tale, the event management company, from 5 to 7 April 2021, at Sharq Village and Spa.

MOTC was represented by Director of International Relations Department Mrs. Noor Ibrahim Shahdad, who also doubles as the Acting Director of Public Relations and Communication Department at the Ministry and the Qatar Society of Engineers was represented by the Chairman of the Society’s Board of Directors Eng. Khaled bin Ahmed Al-Nasr.

Eng. Al-Nasr said that the Transport Engineering Conference & Exhibition is the first of its kind as it is characterized by its comprehensiveness in discussing the three recognized sectors of transportation (land, air and sea) and that the conference will also discuss the ability to use engineering standards and prepare appropriate designs, research and development and follow-up everything that is new in the transport engineering sector, and even offers alternatives to engineering solutions for road, rail, airport and port projects, as well as choosing the most appropriate technical and economic solution in an attempt to develop and update everything related to this sector.

Eng. Al-Nasr emphasized that the conference promotes engineering principles in the fields of transportation engineering, including transportation, roads, building materials for roads, railroads, airports, and ports, the development of freight methods, customs clearance technology, traffic engineering and related systems, as well as collective transport planning. Traffic safety, advanced technologies, and the ability to apply these engineering principles and develop them and research knowledge related to informatics in addition to utilizing the computer software for engineering representation, designing, and planning roads and developing them, as well as the traffic control systems.

Eng. Al-Nasr explained that contact has been made with the Gulf Engineering Union and the Federation of Arab Engineers, who expressed their admiration and desire to participate in this vital conference that contributes to the development of infrastructure, as the progress of countries is measured by the strength and quality of the infrastructure and transportation is a key element within the infrastructure system that all seek Countries to develop them and keep pace with all leading and developed countries in the field of transportation because of its importance in serving civil society

On her side, Mrs. Shahdad said that the conference is organized based on the country’s adoption of technology developments and latest updates and the considerable attention it pays to providing everything that could further serve the people of Qatar, thus raising the country's name and profile on global map among major countries.

Mrs. Shahdad emphasized the importance of scientific for a such as this one, especially as it tackles very important topics in the three aspects of transportation. She said that the conference will feature several speakers specialized in these areas who will present and discuss latest trends and updates in this industry.

Mrs. Shahdad said that MOTC, with its various departments, will have a key role in this conference; presenting scientific papers and lectures to the concerned engineering sector. The Ministry, she added, works side by side with the Qatar Society of Engineers to organize and manage this conference during the coming period until the date of the event.

Eng. Al-Nasr also indicated that the conference will be accompanied by a specialized exhibition, through which the government and private sectors can participate and will have the opportunity to display their engineering products and solutions, as well as everything new in this field.

Eng. Al-Nasr explained that participation in the conference and exhibition as well as sponsorship opportunities are available to all through the official website of the association, where those wishing to participate can browse the website for all the details as well as submit a request to participate electronically via the website

Eng. Al-Nasr also indicated that the submitted session papers will be presented to the scientific committee that was formed in cooperation with Qatar University for approval to be part of the scientific papers program at the conference.

At the end of the press conference, Eng. Al-Nasr explained that Expo Tale, a national event management company specialized in organizing and managing international events has been appointed to be in charge of managing and organizing the conference in cooperation with the Society and MOTC.

Speakers at the press conference, Mrs. Shahdad and Eng. Al-Nasr thanked and appreciated the current sponsors of the conference, as well as those who confirmed their participation, whether through sponsorship, exhibiting, or presentation of scientific session papers.