Human Resources Management (MAWARED)

Human Resources Management (MAWARED)

Mawared is the Government’s Human Resource planning transformation system, developed to streamline and automate talent management and other HR processes, including time management and payroll across government entities.

This centralized system empowers and advances the abilities of all government entities to manage their human resources through access to common tools and processes. It also helps government entities to become a “Paperless Organization” though the reduction of paper and manual processes, thus enabling increased efficiency and productivity.

Mawared provides the following features:

  • Payroll Reporting
  • Manager and employee self-service
  • Electronic recruitment
  • Talent management
  • Enterprise learning
  • Access to workforce analytics
  • Performance management

Mawared offers many benefits:

  • Quick access to common HR processes including talent management and recruitment
  • Compliance with HR laws and regulations
  • Reduction in paper and manual processes

Smart and analytical reports

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