Individual Training Plan (ITP)


QDG Training Program is focusing on providing technical skills for employees in the IT and digital transformation. In order to gather the ICT training needs, Individual Training Plan (ITP) can be utilized as a tool to share the individual training needs with QDGTP. It is part of an overall organizational development plan, and annual millstone of Induvial Development Plan (IDP). Every employee who would participate in QDGTP trainings, should have an approved ITP for the current year aligning with the Digital Transformation vision. 

ITP is a template gathering the annual training needs of all the employees from the IT department of the organization and the employees who are directly involved in the digital transformation from non-IT background or working on different IT projects within an organization 

ITP is a roadmap to assist employees to complete his/her IDP through training & certification to build the skills critical to business. It aims to cover the core technical competencies in individuals based on an organizational development plan.

ITP Process Map