ROCHESTON Certified IOT Engineer (RCIE) Certification

Course overview

Course Key Topic Area Includes:

  • Module 01: IoT Concepts
  • Module 02: Infrastructure for IoT
  • Module 03: IoT Network Architecture and Design
  • Module 04: IoT Business Models
  • Module 05: Entrepreneurship Opportunities in IoT
  • Module 06: IoT Standards
  • Module 07: IoT Platforms
  • Module 08: IoT Development Boards
  • Module 09: IoT Circuits and Wirings
  • Module 10: IoT Sensors, Actuators and Smart Objects
  • Module 11: Interconnecting Smart Objects
  • Module 12: IoT Programming Languages
  • Module 13: IoT Network Layers
  • Module 14: IoT Building Prototypes using 3D Printers
  • Module 15: IoT Cloud Data Storage
  • Module 16: Deep Learning
  • Module 17: Big Data Analytics
  • Module 18: Industry 4.0
  • Module 19: Smart Cities
  • Module 20: IoT Cloud Data Storage
  • Module 21 IoT Security
  • Module 22 Io in Home Automation

At the end of the program the trainees will be able to:

  • Tremendously improve their marketability and career prospects especially for those aspiring to move forward in their present fields or seeking new opportunities in a rapidly transforming and ever-changing job market
  • Equip with in-depth knowledge about skills required in the IOT industry, bringing them closer to the real-life experiences Users will be introduced to the various terms and definitions apply in the IoT world
  • Analysis of tools with a hands-on experience of building basic IOT devices in the class You get to understand the scenarios where network connectivity and computing capability allows various devices to exchange data with minimal human
  • intervention
  • Create an understanding on the IoT framework which is crucial in the growth of IoT and the modules informs us about the three technological areas that are in focus for IoT
  • Understand how machines and devices are built with embedded sensors, intuitive and interactive user interfaces enables professionals and businesses to take advantage of the opportunities created by the Internet of Things
  • Leverage current trends to develop better business strategies in the world of IOT
  • Help chart the way for future entrepreneurs and technology professionals lead the way in IoT related development
  • Expanding existing job opportunities in the field of IOT with the increase in integration of IoT technologies in business practices and industrial processes the market demand for IoT devices, tools and ever demand for professionals trained
  • specifically, to handle IoT devices and IoT processes in businesses will increase
  • The Rocheston Certified IoT Engineer course is made up of a comprehensive set of modules that provide both an understanding and insight into developments in networking, data management and analytics, communication devices, embedded systems and user interface design

Target audience

  • The RCCE program is aimed at IT Professional with IT/Computer qualifications, or working experience, IT Support Technician, IT Network Personnel, IT Degree Students and those with knowledge of C programming language.

Course Requirement

Laptop with the following specifications:

  • RAM- Minimum 8GB with Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor- Minimum Intel Core i5
  • Unrestricted USB ports
  • Good Internet Bandwidth


  • Review the Audit Requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • Learn Auditing Principles applicable ISO 27001 Auditing
  • Learn How to Assess Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Understand Review Requirements of Security Controls and Countermeasures
  • Understand the Roles and Responsibilities of the Auditor
  • Learn How to Plan, Execute, Report, and Follow up on an Information Security Management System Audit


  • Basic knowledge in programming or coding in C programming language.
  • This course will not teach you how to do programming in C, but rather using C programming language codes to interact with the hardware/sensors or circuity.
  • Most of the codes are pre-provided, but students will be required to amend the codes to achieve different results during the hands-on session.


Upon registration, you will be provided with

  • Cyberclass/E-learning access for 1 year (Course Material)
  • Exam Voucher
  • Exam (computer-based) will be conducted one week after the last class.
  • Certificate of Attendance and Course Completion from Qatar University and Rocheston.

Exam Information:

  • Exam Duration: 120 minutes
  • No of Exam Question: 90
  • Passing Mark: 72
  • Exam Retake Fee: USD400
  • Exam Retake Policy - You may retake the exam any time on an additional fee. For further details contact the exam coordinator.

WHO awards the certification?

  • The Certificate of Attendance will be given by the Qatar University Community Service and Continuing Education Center (QU CCE).
  • The certification after passing the final exam will be co-awarded by both Qatar University Community Service and Continuing Education Center (QU CCE) and ROCHESTON Accreditation Institute, New York.