Rassed aims at studying the effects of ICT and the Internet on society; and to enable internal and external stakeholders to better understand the impact – and potential - of emerging digital technologies.

What we do

  1. Conduct studies and research on the impact of ICT and the Internet in Qatar; measuring change over time.
  2. Monitor and raise awareness of emerging technological, policy and digital developments related to ICT and the Internet. Through this we seek to enable internal and external stakeholders to better understand these developments, so that they consider what the implications mean for them. ​Within this, we are particularly interested in issues related to the digital divide and efforts – including technologies – which can help to redress these gaps.
  3. Develop partnerships with external stakeholders with an interest in the civic, market and government impact of ICT and the Internet in Qatar, the MENA region and globally.

What we produce

  • Major Studies: Providing a detailed exploration of a chosen subject related to ICT & Society. Click through to learn more about this year’s study.
  • Research Briefs: Analysis of issues related to the societal impact of ICT or the opportunities – and implications – presented by emerging technologies. Explore our research briefs here.
  • Market Intelligence Reports: Our quarterly “Digital Digests” filter the top social media, technology and digital stories from last three months. With nearly 100,000 views in under two years, we must be doing something right! Click here to see for yourself.