Research Briefs

Understanding Emerging Social Media Platforms in Qatar: This report demonstrates the central role social media plays in the lives of many Internet users in Qatar. The report uncovers not only which social media platforms people use, but also how and why they use them. The platforms examined in this investigative exercise are a mix of older and more established platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well as new emerging applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Path.

The report paints an image of Qatar where everyone is social, regardless of age, gender or nationality. They all use social media networks to perform a plethora of activities, including multimedia sharing, finding out latest news, and self-expression exercises.  A total of 1000 Internet users were interviewed as part of this study, half of them are Qataris. Therefore, this report provides a unique opportunity to understand Qatari use of social media networks and compares them to non-Qataris, who reside in the country.